Learn how ABS are using simulation technology to develop the next generation of cleaner, greener ships.

Artemis Technologies are applying their world leading design expertise gained in competitive sailing to the pursuit of decarbonizing commercial shipping.

Bibby Marine are leading the call to action to governments and policy makers from within the shipping industry, demanding more ambitious decarbonisation legislation.

BMT are deploying cutting edge ship design expertise in the race to cut emissions within the shipping industry.

DNV’s innovative hydrogen fuel project is testing the limits of this alternative fuel to ensure safety at sea remains paramount.

EPSRC is bringing together the private sector and academia in a range of groundbreaking projects in the search for alternative fuels.

HFW share how they are navigating the challenging straits of compliance and carbon reduction in today’s maritime regulatory environment.

The IMO share their commitment to smaller states and island nations who may be hardest hit by global warming and changes to shipping legislation.

Lean Marine are improving energy efficiency at sea whilst optimising propulsive power through the use of AI-powered semi-autonomous systems.

Against the backdrop of COP26, Lloyd’s Register are calling on world leaders to accelerate shipping’s route to decarbonisation.

MarRI-UK are facilitating cross-sector collaboration on essential research projects into the new technologies required for shipping to meet climate change targets.

Newcastle University’s School of Engineering is at the forefront of solving global challenges in marine technology, from emissions monitoring to building the ships of the future.

Norton Rose Fulbright Logo

As shipping transitions to a decarbonised future, Norton Rose Fulbright discuss the new opportunities available to companies ready to embrace the change.

Quadrise’s transition fuels offer an alternative to methanol, hydrogen and ammonia that can reduce shipping’s carbon emissions right away.

The Sustainable Shipping Initiative is rethinking shipping’s approach to cutting emissions and sustainability by taking a holistic approach across the entire value chain.

Championing change in shipping’s regulatory framework, Trafigura is demonstrating its commitment to greener shipping by calling for a Carbon Levy.

Wärtsilä are supporting the future of shipping by looking beyond alternative fuel sources to ways of cutting emissions through increasing efficiencies.

Windship Technology believe wind power could have a key role to play in powering ships in shipping’s green future.

Windward are applying their AI expertise to solving the decarbonisation of shipping, with some potentially groundbreaking results.